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Do you want to know where your company trucks are at the moment and how much driving time your drivers have left today? Or how many violations your drivers have had in the past 28 days?

With the Ecofleet Tacho Module you can automatically download all tachograph data in real-time no matter where the vehicle is.

Read tachograph data in real-time

Get synaptic visual overview

Automatically download all tachograph data at any time

No need to go to the truck and manually get the data

Read tacograph data in real-time

Ecofleet can read tachograph data in real-time and provide synaptic visual overview where driving, resting and working time are displayed. Violations happening in a given period are pointed out separately and made visible to office administrators.

Download tachograph data

It is required by law that you keep tachograph data in the office, even if you don’t always have the possibility to get data physically from trucks. Ecofleet allows you to automatically download the tachograph files over cellular network and stores them in the system.

Additional options

As an option you can have your trucks equipped with fuel sensors to monitor fuel consumption and refueling. The system will send you automatic notifications about fluctuations in fuel level.

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